Real-bearded Santa John of Georgia Sitting in a Chair ready to visit with children.

Looking for a Real-Bearded Santa in Georgia?

Santa John of Georgia is a real-bearded Santa located in Bethlehem, Georgia. He is professionally trained and a member of several professional Santa organizations. Santa John is licensed, insured, and FBI background checked.

Santa John loves bringing the joy of Christmas to children of all ages and spreading holiday cheer throughout the year. When he is visiting with children, they are his main focus.

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Santa John worked for 38 years in the legal and investigations field. He is now an honorably retired Police Officer and Private Investigator.

Despite many years of seeing the bad and ugly in life, Santa John loves to bring happiness and joy to young and old alike.

After being asked to play Santa at events when his daughter was young, he felt the magic of donning the red suit. He has made being a real-bearded Santa his calling in retirement.

Mrs. C remembers visits to Santa being a big event every year. She and her siblings would get dressed and go into downtown Atlanta to see the real-bearded Santa at the mall. 

When she was older, visits to Santa the day after Thanksgiving were still an event with three generations. 

This picture is one of Mrs. C’s favorites of her mom. She loves that it looked like Mom was flirting with Santa. 

Now that she is a part of the Santa family, she wants to help families create and capture memories like this that they’ll treasure forever. 

The Magic of Christmas

To Santa John, the magic of Christmas is embodied in the story of Santa. His mission is to share his love for Christmas and his knowledge of Santa with kids of all ages throughout the year.

As a real-bearded Santa, one of the things Santa John of Georgia enjoys most is answering kids’ questions about Santa, Mrs. Claus, his home at the North Pole, his reindeer, and elves.

Santa John has many stories to share about his life and the antics that have taken place at the North Pole. He and Mrs. C have published their first book, “A Hippopotamus for Christmas” on Amazon.

Santa's Philosophy

Santa John knows that not everyone loves Santa and that many people have special needs that should be honored at all times. He is respectful of the children and is patient and creative in helping children warm up to him. 

Santa John tells the story of one of his challenging visits. “The little guy wanted NOTHING to do with me so I snuck around behind him (photo on left). He then figured something was up and started to turn so I ducked (photo on the upper right). Finally, he caught me! (Photo on the bottom right).”

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