Home Visits

Welcome Santa into your home for a special visit and photo opportunities.

When you schedule your visit, Santa will work with you to create the experience you want. Santa will get details including kids’ names, and the name of your elf on the shelf. Santa will also incorporate any of your holiday traditions into his visit.

When Santa arrives, he can bring gifts for the children you leave outside.

During the visit, Santa can tell stories, read a favorite book, and answer questions about Santa and Mrs. Claus, his elves, the North Pole, his reindeer, or anything the kids want to know.

You can schedule a special Christmas Eve visit where you can have the kids “catch” Santa leaving their gifts. 

Schedule Santa John of Georgia for a home visit.

School and Daycare Visits

Santa, kids, and Christmas go together like milk and cookies left for Santa. Schedule Santa to visit your school or daycare. 

During his visit to your site, Santa can read stories, sing songs, and visit with the kids.

Parents or school staff are welcome to take pictures. 

Corporate Events

Make your company holiday party special with a visit from Santa.

Schedule Santa John of Georgia for your corporate event visits.
Santa loves a Parade

Civic Events

Santa loves a parade, photo ops, and meet-and-greets!

Schedule Santa for your city’s holiday parade, tree lighting, or other holiday events.

Hospital, Hospice, and Retirement Home Visits

Santa has a special place in his heart for the old and infirm and loves visiting hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, and any place that could use a little extra holiday joy.

Santa John of Georgia dancing with a senior citizen.
Santa John can bring his sleigh for great photo opportunities.

Photo Shoots

Santa loves to work with photographers for holiday-themed photo shoots. 

Santa can bring his sleigh or work with your setup.